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Kung Ming lantern Origin:

Release a Kung Ming lantern, I listen to the people speaking, the reason is release a Kung Ming lantern, one is done to the day after the lights a bit like hindsight, the wearing of hats, two to our civil say this is the origin of the release a Kung Ming lantern. Sima Yi was besieged by hindsight, whole army is helpless, a Zhuge Liang ideas, the White fate brought 1,000 people, and paste into countless days lights, the use of smoke upward gravitational with their sky, a tiny days lights up, and people in the camps Zexu: "Mr. Zhuge sitting day lights out of!", Sima Yi was good to be true, was deceived by the past. The dollars saved the life of Mr. Zhuge.

Kung Ming lantern origin and structure Profile

Release a
Kung Ming lantern lights shouted days, it is said that the three countries from the Zhuge Kongming invention. At that time, Zhuge Kongming siege by Sima Yi in Pingyang, and not sending troops to the city for help. Hindsight is prospective wind, will be made of paper floating lanterns, and the distress of the message was really out of danger, then later said that the lanterns for the release a Hung Ming lantern. Another argument is that the lanterns looks like Zhuge Kongming wearing the hat, so named.

Fang release a
Kung Ming lantern as a modern multi-purpose blessing. Men, women and children wrote personally blessed wish symbol harvest success and happiness every year.

Release a
Kung Ming lantern structure can be divided into two main parts and stenting, the main mostly bamboo grate composition, with a lampshade wadding or folk furniture, while at the bottom of the bamboo scaffold Shaocheng of the grate. Release a Hung Ming lantern can be more or less, can be rectangular round. General release a Kung Ming lantern-used bamboo drums into shape, outside the White thick to thin and surrounded by open down.

For lighting launch, at the bottom of the stent in the middle launching a stained the Cubu peanut oil or kerosene or the paper, before flying lit oil lamps in the fire after the hot air a while, they release a
Kung Ming lantern expansion of a free hand after flight took off slowly throughout the carnivals, if good weather, at the bottom of the kerosene after release a Kung Ming lantern burning will be automatically dropped.

Release a Kung Ming lantern production:

(1) As shown by tissue paper specifications. Paper will be the first side and the second side of stick together, then the third, fourth followed by the same viscosity ...... forward until the form themselves into the number two ends of a leak air, and about 60 cm in diameter of spherical. re-cut a circular tissue, the above circular empty paste live. waiting to be after blowing a balloon bulging, looking for a thin, narrow bamboo, Wancheng and Below the size of the hole at the same circle, circle in the bamboo-two thin wire perpendicular to each other, and in the prison system in the bamboo circle, then circle Nianlou bamboo paper in the following hole edge , the paste can not leak into the balloon.

(2) alcohol cotton ignited cherish in wire centres, such as hot air balloon internal, will balloon from the ground helicopter sky.

(3) This is because air balloon heated internal expansion, part of the field ran to the balloon buoyancy than by air balloons (including internal hot air balloon) the weight of this balloon will rise.


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