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About Us:
    Ronghuan Electroform Gold Gifts Factory is a subsidiary company of ORIENTARTS GROUP.  Our Company has occupied practical production plant 13, 000 square meters. With international advanced production equipment and possession of the best designers and more than 20 sculptors. We use the modern technology production and scientific methods of electroform producing to ensure the quality at first-class level. It is welcomed by the home and aboard customers.
    We use modern and advanced electro-forming technology to cast the gold gifts. The products have a unique and elegant form , vivid statues. We use the precious metals (mainly by copper) and other trace separation as the foundation. It casts pure gold on the surface. The appearance is exactly the same as pure gold furnishing. It owns highly collectible value, And it is the fashion luxury gifts of large-scale activities to commemorate, home decor, gifts for friends. It has Great market potential.
    We designed the gift to the traditional Chinese arts and culture as the foundation, particularly for the auspicious animals, statues and other cultural topics geomancy. It has the wide usage. Currently the models of the product has reached the hundreds. The usage scope of these products is  handicrafts, gifts, souvenirs and promotional materials, collections, religious items, works of art, wedding supplies and so on.
    We welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to inquiry  and order the products. We firmly believe the "customer-centric" operating philosophy and for the good quality, credibility and good services to our customers. We will help each other and develop together with our customers. We can design the prodcuts accoring to the pictures and samples which is offered by our customers. We can be awarded large-scale activities, temples, government, institutions, the hotel celebration, commercial activities in the production of gifts.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know and you will receive our quick response.

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